Background reports

You may have some practical questions at first, If you are planning a journey to the land our Rhine and Ruhr.
What´s about the wheater? We ´ve good warm summers and mild rainy winters.
What#s about the situation of the traffic? The streets and roads are filled up, but the local public traffis does so, for place wheels is limited.
What´s about the money?
You can live relatively cheap in the Ruhr - district - but not in Duesseldorf! Your holiday trip mustn´t cost a lot of money.
What´s about the situation of the real estate market? (If you want to move to here) There are enough flats to hire for relative modest prices, especially smaller flats are easy to get.
Is unemployment a big problem`in the Ruhr - districht? Yes. The rate of unemployment is still above average.
What´s to say about the new universities? They have got a good respect in a few years.

The question to the people at Rhine and Ruhr is more important for other people. Is the famous Tegtmeier (or the "comrad Anton") only a clisché or reality? Are there typical Ruhr - district - people?

The Ruhr - destrict has always been influenced by heterogenius cultures. How do you may notice it at the behaviour of people? I think people here are more tolerant and liberal than elsewhere at all. You can also feel the influence of the near basic - liberal Netherlands - because we have ever belonged together. This fact isn´t only proved by the lot of Dutch town - names in Northrhine - Westphalia.

And so we are working for the constructin of a liberal new Europe in the Ruhr - district and we are goin to forget the particularism. We ´ve the power to make it!