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My very first self edited book"Wie ich ohne Diät mein Gewicht habe" ("How I lost half of my weight without being on a diet"), Rest - books of the first edition are still available by me to the reducted price of 10 € or US $. For information and ordering please click here!

Tax number: 325 / 5044 / 0941 FA Herne East,
Business licence "publishing house"at Amt fuer oeffentliche Ordnung" (office for public order)of the town Herne

To my person:

I was born in Wanne - Eickel in the Ruhr - district at June, 26th 1955 and made my German Abitur at the local gymnasium for boys. Than I studied the laws and economics, but I had to give up my studies because of problems with my extreme overweight.

Now I ´m engaged as an book editor and a free lancing journalist since 1999. Besides them I ´m occupied with music since 2000.

All further details to my person you can find on my website