Historical industrial plants

It´s a pitty that time have been passing people iognored the value of old industrial plants.

The suspended railroad of Wuppertal and the main railroad station of Krefeld are still being used for daily busines today, but a lot of old valuable plants can no longer be used for their original purposes.

More immovables became a victim of pulling downs during the 1950s and 1960s than in the time of the Second World War.

You will be impressed to notice the afford of the builders to give their architecture an artificial outfit. Surely there were some capitalists who wanted to built their own monuments in order to remain unforgotten.

But the Ruhr - district shall not be a living museum. The region must develop itself. The very good restaurated immovables can offer artificians and sportsmen a new home today.

And so culture has been becoming a new economical good of our region, because nobody can live from idealism.